Who are we?

Privileged location

The lands under the protection of AOC Priorat have geographic limits that come from a geologic and human heritage. The Priorat of slate is an area with personality formed from geology, villages and cultivation. The historic tie comes from the correspondence of these lands with the direct domains of the Carthusian Monastery of Scaladei.
The location in the heart of Priorat leads to, from the year 1917, the foundation of the cooperatives of Gratallops, la Vilella Alta, la Vilella Baixa and el Lloar from which Vinícola del Priorat SCCL is a successor.

Vinícola del Priorat

It is the unique cooperative in the Priorat region formed by farmers producers that manages entirely all the process of production, elaboration and commercialization of its wine.
By agreement of 17 June 2007, Vinícola del Priorat turns to be a first degree cooperative. This fact has allowed that nowadays the commercial management is nearer to the production.

Own characteristics

Vinícola del Priorat, groups together 140 partners producers, with a total amount of 210 hectares of vineyards and 320 of olive trees. These producers are heirs of old farmers of our villages. They have known how to maintain alive the millenium cultivation of vineyards in these lands even though the adversity periods like phylloxera. They work in small vineyards with very low production per vine – around one kilo of grape-.

The Priorat tortuous terrain, the cultivation in slopes that can overcome the 30%, the slate terrain and the old age of their vineyards ( slopes with centennial vineyards are still cultivated) provide with this exceptional production.

Wine making

Each year’s wine contains in itself a unique part of Priorat’s history that will be written in our cellars. When we open the bottle it will be shown in its plenitude.

The process of wine making combines the most modern techniques with the tradition that comes from very ancient times. It starts with the assessment and control of the works done in the lands. The wine making is done with modern machinery following current and ancient enological techniques.

Wines age slowly in cellars more than 70 years old. Vinícola del Priorat has added to the new tendency that has appeared in the Priorat since the end of the 20th century and is following the new tendencies in the promotion and commercialization of its products that go to all the world.


The slow fermentations and the long macerations and natural stabilization let us make wines of long lives, complex, with a big structure that are the vivid reflection of the diversity and quality of the grapes in our vineyards.

Olive Oil

From the cultivation of old arbequine olive trees and a totally respectful collection with the quality of the fruit it is elaborated, in the new olive mill, totally integrated in the building of la Vilella Alta Cooperative, the Extra Virgin olive oil.

Its quality it’s given by the weather and the characteristic land of slate (here called llicorella). The vineyards of low production give very small and aromatic fruits. The result of the grape-grower and the winemaker work all together, what is called the human factor, makes possible the transfer from the slope to the wine glass. Enjoy!!