Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Arbequina Priorat

The Priorat region does not only stand out because of the strong personality of its wines. The cultivation of the olive tree has always been tied to our lands and the Arbequina variety is the majority and that defines the personality of the oil.

The specific characteristics that affect the vineyards, also directly influence the olive trees of the Priorat. The type of soil, the climate and the particular relief of the region are the most outstanding characteristics, and consequently, together with the dedication of the farmers and farmers of our villages, the true protagonists of the exceptional quality of the olives.

In the old building of the Vilella Alta cooperative, founded in 1933, we find the Molí Nou (New Mill) of Vinícola del Priorat, where we produce our oils Molí Nou and Pedra de Molí, Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Arbequina variety of exceptional quality.